The TAST Project - Livigno Native food

Our Chef Luca's commitment in preserving the tradition.

We want to talk now about a very original, characteristic and unique project: the TAST - Livigno Native food project, to which our Chef Luca cares a lot and to whose realization he participated with commitment and dedication. The TAST project was born from the collaboration between ATC, ACP and APT Livigno and the aim is to keep local history alive through the re-enactment of flavors of the past, typical, local, and above all genuine. The promoters have tried to achieve this by reproducing the oldest Livigno recipes, then proposed at the breakfast buffet of the participating hotels, including, of course, the Galli Hotel.

Sweet products include Bisc’cöt da Livign, Tórta da Rosina and Tórta da l’indoménia; while Bondiöla, Brasc’carola, Pancéta and Salam da Báita Pan da sèal are salty delicacies. But that's not all, the typicality is also made of different types of bread: Pan da séal, Breciadégl, Pan da cól and Pan da carcént. Lovers of cheeses and dairy products will be able to taste the mountain and goat cheese, the Livigno cheese, the "Poina" ricotta, the Scimudin, the "Latte stagioni", and during the summer the mountain butter.

Also truly admirable is the will of the Livigno Chefs and Pastry Chefs Association, of which Chef Luca is a member, to pass on the typical Livigno recipes, to ensure that these magical flavors are not lost over time. What better way to allow future generations to know this cuisine, if not by enclosing the recipes in a photo book?

Thus was born LEINA DA SAOR, literally translated "avalanche of flavors", a bilingual photographic book that contains 100 traditional recipes, 37 revisited and over 200 images, created by the ACPL and then published by Mondadori in 2014, a true treasure chest, keeper of a tasty piece of Livigno tradition.

The icing on the cake is the Sentiero Gourmet project, usually carried out during a July day. It provides various stands along a 5-kilometer path through the woods of Livigno, starting from Alpe Vago. The Livigno Chefs and Pastry Chefs Association prepares delicious gourmet finger food proposals and revisited traditional dishes for this occasion. It offers you its tastings accompanying them with good Valtellinese wine. Everything is served in a very suggestive setting.

Now there is only one thing left to do: let yourself be involved in these wonderful initiatives, let yourself be carried away by the taste, Livigno is waiting for you!

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